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First public post in aaaaaaaaaaaages

LOL, I haven't updated for almost a month, and I come back with a rant. But hey, I guess that's what this thing is for, right?


Let me tell you about my shit-tastic day.

I didn't fall asleep til about 7:30, possibly 8:30. Then I got up a little before 3. And it wasn't really good, deep sleep, either. Very light. Very annoying.

Then when I got to work, the main dickhead in our story came charging into my trim room, startling me half to death, WHILE I had a knife in my hand. And my chest was tight, I felt kind of light-headed, and I was hungry, so there was all that shit happening.

Fast-forward to about 7:30 this evening. He starts talking politics. Now, I don't particularly care what your political affiliation is, but when you start saying that the things I believe are horse shit, and don't let me get a word in edgewise, I get pissed off.

And then he starts in on gays. I'm going to try and get this down as best I can, but I'm really tired, so I may leave things out. Speak up if it doesn't make sense.

The first thing he said was that being gay was "unnatural". Not even gonna touch that one, I'll be here all night while I look up articles and news stories and whatnot.

He said gay people getting married didn't make any sense, since they couldn't procreate. I'll never forgive myself for not thinking of this response sooner, but what about binding yourself to the person you love forever? Declaring to all the world that you're in love? And the rights and privileges that come with being married, knowing that you're together and no one can tear you apart?

I asked him, since apparently he "doesn't have a problem with gay people", if you don't, why are you against them getting married? Why, because they can't procreate! (Get a new argument, MY GOD.) And he's against them adopting as well, because they'll try to "push the gay agenda" on their children, and their children will say, "Fuck you" and resent them for it.

At this point, I managed to scrape my jaw off the floor and ask him, "What the fuck is the gay agenda?" And he says that they're fighting for their rights...to make money. (I CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.) That even after they gain equal rights, they'll still say, "Oh, we're being picked on!" and hold fundraisers and events to try to make a profit. He said black people were the same way.

I have never wanted to bury a cleaver into someone's skull as much I did that asshole's. I honestly cannot believe he was telling me this with a straight face, and that he seemed firmly convinced that he was not only correct, but that me and the other guy listening would agree with him.

I just have no words for the amount of rage this idiot stirred in me. And people wonder why I'm a cynic with a hair trigger. MEET EXHIBIT A.
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