I have a plan: attack! (onehoureternity) wrote,
I have a plan: attack!

So...I don't know how many of you know this, but I have heart issues. Supra ventricular tachycardia, to be exact. It sometimes beats too fast, and my chest feels tight sometimes when it happens, and sometimes when it doesn't.

I don't have health insurance, which means going to the OR is very expensive, and I can only go when I have an attack that won't stop. I know I sound like an attention-seeking drama whore (this post=case in point), but talking to other people about it helps in two ways. One, I realize I could be worse off. And two, it keeps my mind clearer, and I don't go off into 'OMGPANIC!' mode.

I'm leaving this post public for IDK how long, so you can understand why I sometimes completely freak out about some tightness in my chest. Why a rising heart rate for me is cause for a freakout. Why I complain about my body and why I act all paranoid.

This is why.
Tags: complaints & grievances, i hate my life, insane ramblings, liz is freaking out, rl: life, wtf

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